About Us

About Us

IDFACTORS is an industry leader that provides plug-and-play access solutions conforming to open standards with customization support at the location edge. 

Most recently, we are excited to introduce EXOPACSTM, a solution designed to help enterprise customers de-risk their PACS and manage their security budget.  The upside EXOPACS provides is an extended life of nearly any legacy PACS with little or no modification to the PACS.  EXOPACS also facilitates an express path to FICAM compliance for federal agencies and critical infrastructure.

A History of Innovation

EXOPACS is the most current in a long line of innovations from IDFACTORS.  We were the first to install a CAC-based access system for the DoD at Ft. Belvoir and the first to install PIV readers for the GSA at 250 Federal Plaza in New York City.  Since then, more than 25,000 CAC and PIV Readers made by IDFACTORS have been installed to secure access to government facilities. 

The Department of Defense (DoD), including the Army, Navy, and Air Force; the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA); the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA); the Department of Energy (DoE), the National Institute of Health (NIH); and other government agencies also utilize IDFACTORS solutions. For instance, we are the only firm that integrates the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) into our CAC solutions. This allows federal agencies to use cryptographic techniques to seamlessly detect cloned credentials at the access reader and paves the way for upgraded systems at an affordable price.

Many leading U. S. corporations utilize physical storage and security solutions provided by IDFACTORS, including large enterprises such as Disneyland, Comcast, and Meta.  As well, our Transportation Workers Identity Credential (TWIC) 3-Factor Readers are used in OSDP mode at the Port of Houston and the Port of Long Beach. 

All our products and solutions are engineered and produced in our facility in Berkeley CA, where we have access to all the amazing resources in the Bay Area.

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To speak to one of our representatives, please call us at 510-346-1510 or email us at customerservice@idfactors.com.

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