PACSIDTM / piv Platform

IDFACTORS provides 3 versions of secure microprocessor equipped smart cards, 2 that are based on the Federal Government’s PIV standard.

IDFACTORS also provides NXP DESfire cards that are secured with secret keys that can be created by IDFACTORS or by the end customer. Once programmed by a key, the cards become proprietary to the key issuer and reader provider.

About PIV (Personal Identity Verification):

PIV was established by Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12), requiring secure and reliable forms of identity credentials be issued by the Federal Government to it’s employees and contractors. 

These credentials are used to authenticate individuals who require access to federally controlled facilities and information systems.

FIPS-201 was developed by NIST and is an open Standard available to anyone.  The security is based on PKI.  There is a digitally signed public key certificate and a public key – private key pair that is generated by the card on issuance. 

Validating the digital signature and verifying the key pair by challenge-response is the world’s best security practice for secure authentication.  

PIV-I credentials are issued by entities other than the Federal Government and can “interoperate” with PIV credentials. 

PIV-I (Interoperable) Credentials:

IDFACTORS PIV-I credentials have a FIPS-201 applet that can be read by any PIV capable reader, making them ideal as a visitor or temp worker credential in Government facilities and critical infrastructure meeting the PIV standard.

PACSIDTM Credentials:

IDFACTORS PACSID credentials are designed specifically for use in physical access systems.  They are based on a PIV card platform with a FIPS-201 applet and a card authentication certificate.  

PACSID cards do not include a FASCN or a GUID but do have a legacy identifier in both the CHUID and the PKI certificate.  Any PIV reader can read the CHUID in non-secure mode, but the IDFACTORS PKI secure readers can validate the legacy ID has not been altered, which significantly increases security. 

PACSID credentials are ideal for use in EXOPACS.  Learn more about EXOPACS here.

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