Boost the security and extend the life of your Physical Access System

Budget limitations and today’s ever-evolving security threats make it a challenge to maintain best in class security systems.

Without replacing controllers, cables or software, IDFACTORS supports and protects your PACS throughout its life cycle, preparing you for OSDP and the next evolution. 

#1 Global Reader Technology Designed and Built in the US


The PIV-Capable Card

  • Built on the open and secure PIV Platform
  • Seamlessly carries forward legacy ID’s
  • Secured by a PKI Certificate with
    Signature Validation
  • Can be validated by a PKI Reader


The Application that:

  • Creates PIV – I Cards
  • Seamlessly Transforms Prox Cards to PIV-Capable Cards
  • Installs self-signed PKI Certificates
  • Validates Government PIV Cards

Explore YubicoTM

Now use the YubiKey for Physical Access:

  • Works with PIV or FIDO Enabled YubiKeys


The Reader you should be using

The only contactless Smart Card Reader that is architecturally designed, supports Smart Cards and Legacy Prox, Wiegand, OSDP and has

PKI Card Authentication.

System Integration

 PSG Global, Lenel,           AMAG, Software House,     Andover, Vindicator, Access     Insite, Sielox, Galaxy & More

Credential Support

  • Mifare, DESfire, PKPACS
    and PACSID


    ISO 14443, FIPS-201

Validation Mode

  • 1-Factor CAK Challenge-Response
  •  Signature Validation

Physical / Environmental

  • Indoor or Outdoor Operation
  • Strong Polycarbonate Housing

Factory or Field Configured

  • 15+ Wiegand Formats
  • OSDP Option
  • PKI Enabled

Green Efficiency

  IDFACTORS Readers use 50% less power    than the other brands.

Engineered and

Built in the USA

The IDFACTORS team has been Trusted by government and industry for over 20 years.

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