EntryGateTM Stand-Alone Gate Control


EntryGate is a standalone access solution that is ideal for entry point control within secured perimeters.

Designed for use where managed access into a
low-security, high-traffic area within a larger
secured area is not deemed necessary:

  • Parking gates
  • Ports, docks and flightlines
  • Dedicated training rooms
  • Cafeterias and fitness facilities
  • 1st Responder access
  • Motor and equipment control

EntryGate operates with all government issued
smart cards, including CAC, PIV, TWIC and PIV-I.
Access is automatically granted after EntryGate
verifies a number of security objects on the card
using the IDFACTORS vPAM cryptographic
validation module.



Reader / Controller


  • Optional 2-Factor PIN to Card verifies card owner is entering correct PIN.
  • Supports pre-programming of 4-digit Agency Code designators to limit access to specified Agencies.
  • Off-line validation of PAK certificate by challenge-response and signature verification.
  • Simple Installation and operation with no network to connect.
  • Selectable 5V or 12V DC Relay Output.

Back View with
Embedded Controller


EntryGate is not a managed access control system: it should only be installed where users with access to EntryGate have been vetted as trustworthy by the local security officer.

EntryGate with Optional

Security and Weather Shield

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