A New Life for an Old PACS.

EXOPACS transforms your legacy PACS into a secure PIV-based platform, allowing you the freedom, when you are ready, to implement a fully integrated Smart OSDP solution that is FICAM- secure. EXOPACS creates new PIV-compatible cards directly from legacy cards. By validating PIV cards at enrollment and at the door, EXOPACS makes any PACS faster and more secure.

Benefits of Transforming from Prox to PIV:

  • PIV is a widely available open card platform that is based on PKI certificates, making proprietary cards obsolete.
  • IDFACTORS PACSID cards are based on the FIPS-201 standard and can be secured with a trusted self-signed or 3rd party PKI certificate.
  • In lower security areas, standard FIPS-201 card Readers can read PACSID Cards and in high security areas, Readers that can authenticate the certificate using PKI should be specified.


The EXOPACS solution includes Access
Readers, PIV Compatible Cards, a Desktop Transformer Station and an EXOPACS Management Application.

IDFACTORS Transitional Readers support
both Wiegand and OSDP. They can be
ordered as PIV only or with Prox support and
include a vPAM PKI crypto module for
validating card certificates by challenge-response and signature verification.

PACSIDTM Credentials are PIV-I
(interoperable) and include a FIPS-201
compatible applet with a Public Key
Certificate containing a GUID and / or a
legacy identifier.

EXOPACSTM Application integrates 4
essential tasks that include creating new
cards, digitally transforming legacy card
ID’s to PACSID cards, enrolling cards into a
PACS and verifying PIV certificate status of Government-issued PIV credentials by

IDFACTORS Transitional Reader

Dual Prox and FIPS-201

Contactless Interface


For PIV and PIV-I Credentials

EXOPACSTM Card Transformer is a highly
functional desktop station that can read
Prox or Mag-stripe legacy cards and
seamlessly create a PACSID card bearing
the legacy identifier data.

The process takes just seconds and the
OLED display and the EXOPACS
Application display the status. By
replicating the legacy identifier on the
PACSID Card, the tedious process of re-enrolling users is eliminated.

The transformer can be securely loaded
with a self-signing certificate that ensures
only credentials issued by the enterprise
are granted access.

How the Card Transformer Works

Card Transformer Station

with 4-Line OLED Display and USB Interface

OSDP in Perspective

OSDP was introduced over a decade ago. It defines a secure, bi-directional protocolthat is clearly an upgrade to the older one-way Wiegand protocol and it adds authentication of the door access readers to the PACS through encrypted communication.

IDFACTORS fully supports the OSDP standard. However, OSDP does require replacement of the PACS infrastructure including readers, controllers and software, which is expensive. Some customers are simply not ready to take this step.

Furthermore, OSDP does not address authentication of user cards and it does not take rocket science to accept that unsecure Prox cards, mag-stripe cards and open Mifare cards are easier to attack than a Wiegand door reader. Many customers are more interested in transforming first to a secure card platform and later moving to OSDP.

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