1-Factor Readers

Contactless Interface

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P/N: 73-01-3001 (Wiegand)
P/N: 73-12-3001 (OSDP)


IDFACTORS newest Contactless Reader raises the industry standard for architectural design and performance.

EntryPoint Contactless Readers interface with industry standard Wiegand or OSDP access control systems, enabling an agency to upgrade existing systems to utilize CAC and PIV credentials.  


  • CAC, PIV, TWIC, PIV-I and CryptoID credentials.
  • Red, Green and Yellow Status Indicator LED’s
  • Read performance exceeds all competition: Reliably Reads at 1.5 Inches within 1.0 Sec.
  • Wiegand or OSDP Configurable Interface via USB-B Port
  • Uses up to 50% less power than the competition

Contact Interface

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P/N: 74-01-1001
P/N:  74-12-1001


Contact-only Reader is used in locations where there is a concern about contactless card security. 

The original CAC Contact Reader deployed by DoD, the EntryPoint Reader continues to be the industry leader for secure installations.


  • Reads all CAC, PIV, TWIC and PIV-I Credentials
  • Illuminated Card Slot with Protective Shutter Resists Foreign Objects and Wind Driven Rain
  • Terminal Block & RJ-45 Connectors.  
  • Contact Connector rated at 500,000 insertions
  • Flash Programmable via USB Port

Dual Interface

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P/N: 74-01-2002
P/N: 74-12-2002


Used primarily as a Contactless Reader, the Contact Interface Contact provides redundancy when the Contactless Antenna is damaged.

The most robust 1-Factor Reader for CAC and PIV credentials is widely used by the DoD.


  • Includes all features of both the IDFACTORS Contact and Contactless Readers
  • Reads all CAC, PIV, TWIC, FRAC and PIV-I Credentials
  • Wiegand or OSDP Configurable 
  • Energy-efficient design uses up to 50% less power than the competition

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