YubiKey. Strong, Fast Physical Access

Now YubiKeyTM can raise the bar on your physical security.

IDFACTORS delivers the only contactless Card Reader that supports PIV and FIDO enabled YubiKeys with native PKI authentication. 

The IDFACTORS readers can authenticate a PIV or FIDO in under 2.0 seconds and interface seamlessly with all major physical access systems.

Keep the YubiKey on your person and use it for building entrance. IDFACTORS’ Readers work with Wiegand or OSDP access systems and deliver PKI challenge-response and signature verification to leverage YubiKey to a FICAM level of authentication.

Securely store important company and personal items in the Work-at-Home Safe.

The AirLocker W@H from IDFACTORS integrates 2-Factor authentication with any PIV or FIDO enabled YubiKey and performs strong PKI authentication on every access.

W@H can be secured to any horizontal or vertical surface with a quick-release mounting bracket. 

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